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Meet the founder

The charismatic force behind Sierra&Sol | Guided hiking and trekking tours in Spain is Teresa Madrona: professor, mountain sports enthusiast, hiking club organizer, ecologist, mother, entrepreneur and proud Andalusian. Teresa is an experienced teacher and passionate about sharing her knowledge of Andalusian cultural and natural history with her students, friends and family and visitors of Spain. Teresa began teaching high school Biology and Geology in the late 80s, and 11 years later founded her own ecological consulting business. She is currently a professor of Biology at the University of Granada. Throughout her life she has avidly pursued hiking and mountaineering in the mountains of her homeland and abroad (the Rif and Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Alps in Switzerland), and has organized hundreds of hiking trips and excursions for BUXUS, an ecologically focused hiking organization. Sierra&Sol is the culmination of Teresa's dream to combine her passions of teaching and hiking, and to share her love of Spain's sierras and local culture with adventurers from both home and abroad.
Teresa Medrano founder of SierraySol
From the founder

"My love of mountains began as a child during our weekend family walks to the Sierra del Torcal in Antequera, my hometown. It wasn't until University that I met other mountain enthusiasts and ever since have spent the majority of my free time hiking, climbing, and exploring the Natural Parks in Andalusia, Morocco, and beyond… "

"Mountains have been the central theme and guiding passion throughout my life and the inspiration for this unique eco-tourism venture."

"I wish to share Andalusia's incredible natural beauty and cultural richness with nature-loving, outdoor adventure travellers so that they too may experience the wonder of Spain's hidden places."

M. Teresa Madrona

Our Mission

Our objectives are:

  • Connect visitors with nature and their inner adventurer through hiking Andalusia's natural parks and wild lands.
  • Develop a sustainable network of local farmers, bodegas, nature-guides, rural hotel owners, adventure guides, and local experts as a way to contribute to local economy and provide a truly authentic travel experience.
  • Active participation in conservation of Spain's sierras and wild areas. Sierra&Sol donates a minimum of 1% of tour costs to conservation efforts and participates closely with local people and associations in conservation and restorations works such as Acción Sierra Nevada and protection of the Sierra de Lújar.
Asociacion Buxus with Sierraysol Asociacion accion sierra nevada with Sierraysol

The Team

We know that having a competent, attentive and sociable guide is essential for enjoying a unique and fantastic hiking experience. For this reason, we have selected and trained the best guides with great personalities and excellent mountain experience and guiding skills. Each of our team members is knowledgeable in the region's trails and natural history (flora, fauna and geology) as well as the history and culture of this diverse and storied place. Each guide brings their unique personal story and enthusiasm to Sierra&Sol and is dedicated to guiding you on a memorable and rejuvenating trip into Spain's southern Sierras!


All guides are required to have:

Wilderness first responder training SierraySol

Wilderness First Responder Training

Extensive experience guiding

Extensive experience and proven competence with backcountry travel and guiding in areas of expertise

High english level

HIgh English Level

Certification mountain sports technician

Certification as a mountain guide

Lorena Brown Marketing Consultant in SierraySol
Lauren Brown - "Lorena Morena" North American Marketing Consultant

Lauren is a U.S. and world citizen whose family relocations every 3-5 years exposed her to a cross-section of cultures and geographies. Her formative years, living in Singapore and traveling off-the-beaten path in Southeast Asia, instilled an early adventure travel bug. During a two-month solo back-packing trip across the Northern Mediterranean from Cadiz, Spain to Istanbul, Turkey in 2011, Lauren fell in love with the natural and cultural beauty of Granada and dreamt of one day returning to live. Two years later, she returned. While studying Spanish at Castila Language School she met Teresa, and with shared interests in ecology, hiking and a passion for Andalusian history and culture, the two have been since imagining how to connect visitors with the 'true Andalucía'.

Before moving to Spain, Lauren enjoyed an 8-year career as a landscape architect with a prominent US design firm, and received a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture and Water Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2011. For the past three years she has helped engineers in the U.S. to restore rivers and wetlands, and continues to consult as an Ecological Restoration Designer. Lauren serves as Sierra&Sol's North American Marketing Consultant and native English-speaking liaison. Lauren may also lead and accompany seasonal tours in and around Granada. She is excited to help launch Sierra&Sol and passionate about connecting English-speaking visitors to the lesser known wonders and delights of Southern Spain.

Alicia guide
Alicia Díaz Blanco - - Guide

Alicia is an active and curious woman, a real mountain lover. Her passion for mountaineering began at the age of eleven, when she took her first hiking trip, and she has been hooked ever since. Alicia combines rock climbing, running and cycling with mountaineering and alpinism, and has summited several well-known peaks (Sajarna Peack in Bolivia; Villarica in Chile; Ararat peak in Turkey; Krkonose in and Labak in Poland, etc.) . Alicia studied Physics at the University of Granada, and spent two years studying Physics abroad in Amsterdam and Prague. She is a self-proclaimed Science and Astrophysics enthusiast and is currently developing science projects with the Planetarium of Granada's Science Park.

Her adventurous and dynamic spirit has led her to pursue experiences in diverse countries such as Bolivia, Germany, Chile, Morocco, the Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Poland and more. Each trip has enabled her to become more open-minded and to appreciate diversity in both landscapes and cultures. The more she climbs the more she realizes that her true essence emerges while in the mountains. An active person, a lover of diversity and landscapes, a world mountain citizen.

Ruth, commercialisation in Europe, auxillary guide in SierraySol
Ruth Burrow – commercialisation in Europe, auxillary guide

Ruth was looking for somewhere to live and work, but close to the mountains and the snow in order to enjoy her favorite hobby, snowboarding. She found that place in Granada, where she has lived for the last nine years. However, she has had a varied experience of the world, from her hometown, Gloucester (U.K) to living and working in Japan, Australia and Andorra.

The mountains are a place where she finds peace, challenges and freedom. She also finds them to be an immense natural classroom for learning about nature and history.

She currently works as an English teacher in Granada. This was how she met Teresa, whose enterprise she joined, attracted by new ideas to combine hiking and English for Spanish people wanting to perfect their language skills. Furthermore, she was interested in hiking combined with language immersion aimed at foreigners. She is a key figure in communication with European countries and accompanies the “English in the Mountains” groups, acting as our “on-location teacher”. Her personality and sense of humour make everyone feel at ease in her company.

Sierra & Sol is a fully licensed, Insured and Registered for "Turismo Activo" with the Junta De Andalucía with the number R.N. AT/GR/00169 Base in Granada

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