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Winter Hiking Vacations in Granada

Guided hiking trips in winter


Granada is a university city brimming with culture. It also boasts diverse natural features. The highest peak in Spain (Mulhacen 3478m) in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is found in Granada and the proximity of the sea allows visitors to enjoy warm valleys, where even in winter, the temperatures are mild and the days, sunny. The Alpujarra, on the south face of the Sierra Nevada is a beautiful area with magnificent conditions for hiking in winter.


Min €550

Location: Granada (Spain)
Duration: 6 days / 5 Nights
Difficulty: Low-medium (REI)
  • Day 1

    • Hikers will meet each other and go for a guided tapas tour (guide included, tapas not included). A good chance to talk about the routes that we will do over the next few days.
  • Day 2

    One day around the Alhambra

    After breakfast our guides will meet you. This day will focus on the Alhambra. This complex of palaces and gardens is included on the World Heritage list (UNESCO) and is the most visited historical sight in Europe.
    The members of the group can choose between:
    Guided visit of the Alhambra (only if there is availability at the moment of the reservation)
    A hiking route around the Alhambra, which is in itself part of the protected historical complex. On this route we will discover the source of the water which nourish the gardens and poplar groves of the Alhambra, the woods which surround it and the valley of the river Darro, with incredible views of the city.
    Free time to explore Granada, visit other sights and places of interest, go shopping and have dinner. Granada boasts a wide range of bars and restaurants which you can choose from.
    Route characteristics:

    • Route type: round trip
    • Route length: 14km
    • Accumulated height difference: 400m
    • Duration: 4h 30m
    • Difficulty: Low
  • Day 3

    Los Güájares, the hidden garden

    After breakfast a private bus will take us to los Güájares Valle.
    The Güájares valley with its three villages, Güájar Alto, Güájar Faragüit and Güájar Fondón, make up an authentic and romantic rural area in Southern Spain. The valley is 20km from the beach and its climate is warm, even in winter. Hiking in this area in winter is a privilege.
    Our trip goes through the villages,pine and holm oak forests, and crosses small white riverbeds. We will see the endemic plant Buxus balearica, discover a natural spring, and pass along small terraced plots of land with tropical fruit, orange and lemon trees.
    The area is also interesting because of the archaeological settlement called “El Castillejo” that dates back to the XIII century (Almohad period).
    Return to Granada and free time to have dinner. Granada boasts a wide range of bars and restaurants which you can choose from
    Route characteristics:

    • Type of route: round trip
    • Route length: 18 km
    • Accumulated height difference: 600 m. ascent, 500m. descent
    • Duration: 6h 30m
    • Difficulty: Medium-High
  • Day 4

    Discover the magical Alpujarra (Sierra Nevada)

    After breakfast our private bus will take us to La Alpujarra. La Alpujarra is a magical region found on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada range. Its white villages are literally perched on the mountain. The landscape is a wonderful blend of natural vegetation and fruit trees growing on hand made terraces built centuries ago.
    In the first part of our trip we will pass through the Poqueira Valley. The first stop, Poqueira, is the most touristic area, with all kinds of services. However it is preferable to hike along a less crowded route, in the heart of the Alpujarra.
    Taha de Pitres is the name of a municipality which is made up of seven small settlements. The hike will take us through some of these small villages, which are the best examples of the traditional architecture of the Alpujarra, such as Mecina, Ferreirola, Busquistar and Atalbéitar.
    While walking, we will talk about the history of the Alpujarra, the characteristics of its urban planning and architecture, natural resources and traditions. We will come across natural water sources, old irrigation channels, traditional public laundries, churches, threshing floors, and ancient chestnut trees, among other things. In short, a variety of features that will give us the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in the region.
    Free time to have dinner. Granada boasts a wide range of bars and restaurants which you can choose from.
    Route characteristics:

    • Route type: round trip
    • Route length: 12km
    • Accumulated height difference: 400m
    • Duration: 4h
    • Difficulty: Medium
  • Day 5

    Ruta del Gollizno: walking through two kingdoms

    After breakfast our private bus will take us to Olivares village, the starting point of our hike

    This route, known locally as”Gollizno track” (9km), has been extended to “The Malalmuerzo” cave (literally translated as “bad lunch”) making it 13km in length.

    The route is equipped with hanging bridges, walkways on the wall of the cliff and viewpoints. All of this allows us to discover the gorge of the river Velillos, the forested hills, caves, towers and other historic elements of the area.

    We will pass by the Corcuela water source, an ideal place to drink water and have a snack. From here we will leave the official track to reach Malalmuerzo Cave. Returning the way we came, we will pick up the official Gollizno track until the highest part of Moclin where we will find the castle and walls. This castle is one of the best-preserved fortresses of the Nazari period and also has a perfect 360º viewpoint. The perfect place to talk about life on the border of two kingdoms: Christian and Nazari.

    The return to Olivares is on an easy descending forest track.

    Return to Granada on our private bus

    Route characteristics:

    • Route Type: round trip
    • Route length: 13km
    • Accumulated height difference: 654m ascent; 649m descent
    • Duration: 4h 30m
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Day 6

    Turning home!

  • What’s included

      • Guided tapas tour in Granada (it doesn’t include the price of drinks and tapas)
      • 3 picnic lunches
      • Tickets to the Alhambra or excursion around the Alhambra
      • Guide with expert knowledge of the area, not only in terms of hiking but also in the ecology of the ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada
      • English speaking guide
      • Accident and liability insurance
      • Equipment to maximize safety, such as walkie talkies
      • Group field material: maps, GPS, guides to the area, binoculars.
      • Communal first aid kit
  • What isn’t included

    • Meals (except picnics)
    • Drinks and tapas on the route around Granada on the day of arrival.
    • Personal travel insurance
    • Flights or transport that have not been previously stated
    • Anything that has not been previously mentioned.
  • Recommended equipment

    • Sunglasses, sun cream and protective lip balm. Hat or winter hat and gloves
    • Hiking footwear; boots or shoes with ankle protection.
    • Technical mountain clothing, short- sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts made of breathable fabric (not cotton) and a fleece or warm layer. Hiking trousers and jacket made of Gore-Tex or a similar fabric to act as a wind stopper.
    • Personal snack food such as dried fruit and nuts, energy bars etc. Remember that the picnic lunches are included.
    • 1.5 litre water bottle or camelbak, with drinking tube if possible.
    • Hiking poles
    • Camera, mobile phone and other electronic devices and their chargers
    • Small first aid kit and any personal medication.
    • Notebook and pencil (optional)
    • Knee bands, if necessary
    • Personal documents, such as identity cards and European health insurance cards.
  • Meals

    Picnics are included for the three routes which are full day hikes

    Our picnics include handmade rolls using traditional oven baked bread, tomatoes, lettuce, cured meat or Spanish omelette, orange juice, a piece of fruit and a chocolate bar.

    These products are sourced from local shops, in order to support the economy of the local area.

    If you are vegetarian, have any allergies or any other dietary requirements, please let us know beforehand.

We will start the route before 8am.

It is very important to stick to the timetable because it’s necessary to rest between each day’s hike. We will have 3 hours rest before dinner (in Spain 9 o’clock or later!), which, including time to stretch properly, will allow us to be in perfect condition for the following day.

Weather in Granada’s winter

The weather in Granada in winter tends to be cold and dry, and it is not usually very rainy. In the city the temperatures may be below zero at night, however, during the day, when the sun comes out, the temperature is very pleasant.

Guides and Safety

All our guides have the necessary training to ensure the complete safety of the group.

We will keep the group together and in contact by using walkie talkies. Our guides have all taken first aid courses.

Please remember that, according to our terms and conditions, the guide can change the itinerary of a route for safety reasons. In case of exceptional circumstances an alternative route in areas without such risk will be offered, changing the original plan. Refunds for such changes will not be given.

Please read our environmental policy. Sierra&Sol is an ecotourism company with a serious commitment to the environment which we hope to pass on to our clients.

Medical considerations

We ask that our hikers inform us of the existence of any chronic or cardiovascular illness which could interfere with hiking activities. To this end, we will send out a form which must be completed. The personal information which is given is covered by our data protection policy and will not be used for anything other than to provide us with the information necessary for this activity to be carried out well.

For the same reasons we need to know about any allergies.

The high mountains are demanding. In some guidebooks the routes which we will do are catalogued as being low or medium difficulty, but it is necessary to remember that these are mountaineering guides and are written for regular mountain users.

A good level of physical fitness is required and previous experience of routes of a similar difficulty is necessary. The pace that we will follow is not a sporting one but a pace which will allow interpretation and interaction, however, experience or regular hiking is essential.


Our prices are estimated taking into account the number of participants registered on the deadline of the inscription. The deposit into the account is made in order to reserve the vacancy and also to know, in advance, the number of participants that will be realizing the activity. In case the activity is cancelled, the deposit would be returned. On the other hand, if the activity is successfully organized, a second pay would be realized with the final amount.

Group size

Minimum 8 and maximum 24


Deposit of €100 of the total before indicated date.

Cancellation and refund policy

In case of cancellation, the following policy applies.

    • More than 45 days prior to the starting date of the trip, we will grant you a full refund minus a €50 administrative fee per reservation.
    • Between 44 days and 15 days prior to the starting date of the trip, we will retain 50% of the trip cost.
    • Less than 15 days prior to the starting date of the trip, or once the trip has begun, there will be no refund.

Terms and conditions and environmental policy

SierraySol is an enterprise that belongs to the Asociación de la Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible de Sierra Nevada. If you are looking forward to realize an activity truly responsible with the environment in this green space, we encourage you to use the services of the organization since all the enterprises adhered are accredit by Europarc. They also make a great effort to minimize the environmental impact and to contribute with the local development. In the next PDF you will find every enterprise of the organization. You can also find information about them in www.ecoturismosierranevada.com


Activity Level Descriptions



(1) Relaxed: Adventure travel at its most relaxed pace.

  • Activity: 1-3 hours most days
  • Distances: walk less than 3 miles most days
  • Surfaces: flat terrain
  • Elevation change: little to none
  • Altitude: less than 3,000 ft

(2) Easy: Great for newcomers to active travel.

  • Activity: 2-5 hours most days
  • Distances: hike up to 6 miles, cycle 10-30 miles most days
  • Surfaces: flat or rolling terrain with some possible steeps
  • Elevation change: up to 2,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 6,000 ft

(3) Moderate: For outdoor novices and above.

  • Activity: 4-6 hours most days
  • Distances: hike up to 10 miles most days, cycle 20-40 miles most days
  • Surfaces: rolling or mountainous terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
  • Elevation change: up to 3,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 10,000 ft

(4) Vigorous: Recommended for fir travelers with basic skills.

  • Activity: 5-8 hours most days
  • Distances: hike up to 12 miles most days, cycle 30-50 miles most days
  • Surfaces: mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents and uneven trails
  • Elevation change: up to 4,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 14,000 ft
  • Experience and a doctor's release may be required

(5) Strenuous: Designed for very fit travelers.

  • Activity: 10+ hours/day
  • Distances: hike up to 12 miles most days, cycle 50 miles or more miles most days
  • Surfaces: remote mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents, uneven trails with loose features.
  • Elevation change: up to 4,000 ft/day
  • Altitude: up to 14,000 ft
  • Experience and a doctor's release may be required