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In these Booking Conditions the words Sierra&Sol, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ mean or refer to Sierra&Sol, a company owned by Maria Teresa Madrona Moreno. The words ‘client’, ‘you’, and ‘your’ mean or refer to any person who enters into a contract with Sierra&Sol. The word ‘trip’ refers to any event involving excursions, hiking, trekking or any other activity organized by Sierra&Sol.


1. The present General Terms of Use, Conditions of Sale, and Privacy Policy regulate the service agreement provided by Sierra&Sol on the Website www.sierraysol.com (hereinafter ‘the Website’). Sierra&Sol’s registered office is in Placeta de Liñan 5, Granada, Spain, 18010. Legal representative: Maria Teresa Madrona Moreno, NIF: 25315004P, email: mtm@sierraysol.com. Sierra&Sol is legally registered with the number AT/GR/00169 at the Register Office of Active Tourism Companies in the Regional Ministry of Tourism of Andalucía. Sierra&Sol works especially in Natural and National Parks and it is committed to their preservation through ecotourism. Europarc certifies our commitment to the development of sustainable tourism activities. The associates of Sierra&Sol are hotels, restaurants and artisans who also belong to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, forming a network of collaboration within a framework of protected natural areas. With this framework of collaboration it is possible to offer a comprehensive service that includes activities and accommodation.

2. A reservation of any of the activities included on our website implies the acceptance of these general conditions that are incorporated into the contract without a written transcription in the contract being necessary. Also, a reservation implies the acceptance of any possible particular conditions that may complement, modify or substitute the General Conditions for certain services or content on the Website. Finally, the acceptance of the present conditions implies the subsequent acceptance of our environmental policy and ethical code of conduct in natural areas.


3. To book a place on a trip or hiking vacation you must pay the required deposit or sums of money to Sierra&Sol. Payment of the deposit or full balance from the Client acts as an acceptance to our Terms and Conditions.

4. The contract between you and Sierra&Sol will exist from the date on the confirmation.

5. Hiking vacactions and week end trips: Payment of 50% of the total amount due must reach Sierra&Sol no later than eight weeks (60 days) before the advertised departure date whether or not you receive that invoice. The reservation period may vary in some cases; in this case, it will be specified in the particular conditions of the trip. The remaining amount must be paid 30 days prior to departure. We will only consider alternative payment periods if places are available. We will only consider alternative payment periods if places are available.

6. One-day trips. Excursions must be booked and paid for at least three days in advance. If the excursion has been booked more than 2 weeks in advance and the client asks for a refund, we will refund the 75% of the payment until 10 days before the day of the activity. From the day number 9 before the activity, we will refund the 50%. Participants must arrive at the meeting point on time. The group will wait for participants for five minutes but then leave.  In this situation, no money will be reimbursed. All participants should ensure that they know how to get to the meeting point.


7. We are obliged to cancel the trip due to ‘force majeure’ in situations such as government intervention, political or civil unrest, flight cancellations or other unforeseeable circumstances. In this case, Sierra&Sol will notify you via written notice.

If we cancel your trip for one of these reasons you will be given the opportunity either to:

    • Receive a refund of the basic cost of the trip paid to Sierra&Sol
    • Transfer to another trip without charge. If there is a difference in price between the cancelled trip and the trip to which you elect to transfer your booking, we will refund the difference if it is cheaper or invoice you for the supplement if it is more expensive.

Transfer to another trip without charge. If there is a difference in price between the canceled trip and the trip to which you elect to transfer your booking, we will refund the difference if it is cheaper or invoice you for the supplement if it is more expensive.

If 5 days after sending the cancellation notification we have not received a written answer, it will be understood that you wish to receive a refund of the cost of the trip.

8. All our trips are subject to itinerary changes based on a variety of circumstances, including, but not limited to, river crossings, forest fires, or public land closures. In these cases, the itinerary will be modified without a major change in the trip. Payments are not refundable for small itinerary changes from the original planned route.


9. The execution of the activity depends on the number of people registered according to number stated in the particular conditions. In the case of an insufficient number of reservations, the company can cancel the trip without having to give the client any extra compensation as long as the client is informed 7 calendar days before the scheduled date for the beginning of the trip.


10. You can cede your reservation to a third party as long as you inform us 15 days before the scheduled date for the beginning of the trip. The new client must accept the terms and conditions. Once you have made your reservation, there will be a €30 fee for changes and a modification of the previously booked dates.


11. If you wish to cancel your booking you must do so in writing. A cancellation notification will only be effective from the day such a notification is received by Sierra&Sol.

If you cancel or leave a multi-day trip for any reason:

    • More than 45 days prior to the trip start date, we will grant you a full refund minus a €50 administrative fee per reservation.
    • Between 29 and 15 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 50% of the trip cost.
    • Less than 15 days prior to the trip start date, or once the trip has begun, there will be no refund.

12. Sierra&Sol is not responsible for additional expenses incurred in preparation for the trip (for example: non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, clothing, equipment, visa fees, etc.).

13. Flight tickets to Andalucía’s airports are never included in our trips. The sudden cancellation of a flight could result in expenses for Sierra&Sol in the case of a void airport pick-up. If the client does not inform Sierra&Sol about the flight cancellation and the airport pick-up service is not cancelled in time, the expenses will be paid by the client. If the flight is delayed by less than 4 hours, the pick-up service will wait at the airport with no extra cost for the client.

We have particular conditions in each type of excursion. In that case, the particular conditions will prevail. Please read carefully the “purchasing conditions” section for each excursion


14. The price of the trips is always given in euros. Therefore, the final price in a currency different to euros will depend on the exchange rates on the day of the transaction.

15. The price includes the value added tax when applicable and will remain unchanged during the stated period. The details of each trip will include the services included and the services not included, which are also accepted in these conditions.


16. The client must always carry a national identity card or passport. The client will accept the consequences of not carrying them or the consequences of not having a valid or updated document. Foreign clients must make sure that they meet the requirements regarding visas to enter, leave and travel without problems in the country of destination. The client will accept the consequences of not meeting these requirements.

17. Children under 18 may take part in our trips if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Responsibility for minors will be held by their parent or guardian.

18. People aged 70 or above will be required to provide us with a medical document certifying a proper state of health to engage in physical activity or, otherwise, a sworn declaration of their good fitness and state of health. We require medical releases for prospective guests in various circumstances such as history of cardiovascular disease, chronic illness, and other conditions and factors. If you have suffered from any of these conditions, we require you to report it at the time of the booking.


19. Information about each trip includes advice and information on matters such as local conditions, climate, equipment, clothing, and other matters in good faith and we cannot be held responsible for such advice and information. You accept responsibility for all these matters.


20. Sierra&Solis directly responsible for any consequencesarising from thenon-realizationordefective realization of any hiking tripoffered. However, Sierra&Solis exempt fromthis responsibilitywhen changes inthe itineraryare causedbyforce majeure(alien, abnormal and unforeseeablecircumstances), which neitherthe organizer nor the service providers could haveavoided,or when thecause is attributableto the client ora third party.

21. Sierra&Sol also organizes and facilitates hotel bookings and, where appropriate, restaurants and cultural visits. In these cases, each company is responsible for client complaints that may occur on their premises. Sierra&Sol will be the mediator in these conflicts for a successful resolution.

22. The customer isobliged to informSierra&Sol about any breach in the contract that he or she might have witnessed, in writing as soon as is possible.

23. During a group activity, the original contract may be modified provided the alteration of the itinerary or the substitution of services are justified by weather conditions, unforeseen problems of the service providers in the area, or due to limited local infrastructure. In any other case, the route modification must be approved by the group and expressly consented to by the organizer.


24. You are responsible for:

    • Choosing a trip appropriate to your fitness level and state of health. All clients must fill out a form with personal information before departure (without this information the execution of the activity is not permitted).
    • Arriving on time to the start of the activity.
    • Wearing appropriate clothing for the activity (see our general and specific recommendations for each activity).
    • Respecting the laws and/or regulations of the places you visit and following a code of ethical conduct.
    • Respecting nature, local people and other members of the group.


25. Our leaders, guides and representatives have the responsibility and authority to make decisions affecting the well-being and safety of the whole group and of each individual within the group; and as a result they may require an individual to leave the group without any liability on our part for consequential supplementary expenses and without making any refund. The grounds for such a decision being made may include, but are not confined to, the belief of the leader or guide that

    • An individual’s health or life is at risk.
    • An illegal act has been committed.
    • Someone’s behavior has been or is likely to be seriously detrimental to the enjoyment of the trip by the group or detrimental to its well-being or safety.

26. It is understood that if you decide voluntarily to leave the expedition Sierra&Sol has no responsibility for your safety or well-being or for any consequential expenses.


27. Protected natural areas are highly sensitive places. When visiting them, our behavior towards the environment should be maximized. The client agrees to follow our environmental code of ethics regarding respect for fauna, flora and geology, and respect for the activities and customs of the local populations, as well as following the rules on use of trails, gates, fences, etc. Countryside code


28. Sierra&Sol has a mandatory liability insurance required by law. Moreover, all our guided activities include accident insurance, which is not a mandatory requirement by the Spanish legislation but we choose to offer it as an improvement to our services. This insurance covers permanent or partial disabilities, death, and, furthermore health care and hospital expenses due to an accident in the execution of our outdoor activities. Accidents in hotel stays and shuttle buses are covered by the insurance of the companies concerned.

29. If you also have private travel insurance, which is recommended, you should bring the corresponding card or policy, and inform us of the existence of that insurance.


30. The terms and conditions of all agreements made with Sierra&Sol shall be subject to and governed by Spanish law and you shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.